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Artist’s statement: The truth about me…

My name is Hasnain Syedah and I am an artist currently based in Melbourne, Australia.

From the first moments of awareness in childhood we move through a vast array of interlinked circumstances as we go on with even the most mundane in life. It is, in part, a conscious effort but we are also, inevitably, led to where we are at in any point in time and space. The scenario changes in the story of life much like the sets in a musical or the props for a frame in a movie. We are offered ever changing roles, responsibilities and interactions.

This connect/disconnect, the ephemeral nature of life is what intrigues me. These perceptions of my life and observations of others’ have, on every occasion, transcended geographical and cultural limitations. We are diverse individuals but we are also very much the same.

The bereavements and mourning, the disappointments with the muffled sorrows, the epiphanies, the exultations and rejoicing all leave indelible marks on us. For me, the certainties of life, as well as the incomprehensible or irreconcilable must find form, some form, within my art. Remaining enchanted with emotions, I play with line, tone and colour across mediums. Mediums both challenge and reward me in my creative endeavours.

Hasnain Syedah, portrait of the artist.
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